how long can you wear temporary veneers

Getting veneers is a big decision. It means that you’re committed to having that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. Unlike what many people think, veneers are not a simple dental procedure. Therefore, when looking for where to obtain dental veneers in Edmonton, you should visit a reputable dental office. After all, veneers are a pretty permanent decision that will affect your smile for the upcoming years.

As part of the process, there will be a period in which you’ll have to wear temporary veneers. This is because your dentist in Edmonton needs to trim your teeth before taking the mold for your permanent veneers. After the dentist trims your teeth, they will be more sensitive and they will also look different. Therefore, you’ll need something to cover them so that you feel comfortable talking and smiling and you won’t suffer from any extreme sensitivity issues along the way.

Here is where the temporary veneers come in. While they make the permanent ones in days, temporary veneers are quickly made immediately after the trimming of your teeth. Your dentist will use acrylic to make these temporary veneers. The permanent ones will be made of porcelain, which makes them much more durable.

And durability is something you should keep in mind. You should wear temporary veneers for seven to 10 days at most. This is because if you go over this time, you might start experiencing discomfort. Furthermore, the veneers might fall off. This is because when you receive dental veneers near you, your dentist will use a weaker cement to adhere them to your teeth. After all, the idea is to take them off when it’s time to place the permanent ones on. Of course, the cement used for the permanent ones is much stronger.

Another thing to consider when you receive your temporary veneers at the dental office near you is that you want to be careful about keeping them stain-free. Firstly, you should stick with soft foods for at least a couple of days. Although the veneers protect you against sensitivity, you’re still more prone to it when in contact with hard foods, as well as extreme temperatures in your mouth.

Furthermore, there are certain meals you should avoid the entire time you’re wearing your temporary veneers. Drinks such as red wine, coffee, and coke should not be in your diet. Also, avoid things like soy sauce, turmeric, curry’s, and red-sauces as these all have a great staining effect.

Despite these small hardships, there are numerous benefits to wearing temporary veneers. For starters, your dentist will sculpt them so that they look almost the same as the permanent veneers. While they’re bound to be a bit bulkier, you’ll be able to have a very accurate idea of what your smile is going to look like after the procedure. This allows you to see if you want any adjustments made before getting your permanent veneers at a dental clinic in Edmonton.

Also, you can think of your temporary veneers as a first test. You’ll have around 10 days to see them every day in the mirror and determine if this is exactly what you want. If it isn’t, then your dentist in Edmonton can help you with the changes necessary to make it perfect for you. After all, you’ve invested time and money into this procedure. The idea is to have optimal results!

An important recommendation to keep in mind while wearing temporary veneers is to brush softly. Lastly, it’s advisable to avoid flossing during this time. This is because you might risk your veneer falling off. If this were to happen, you should head to a dental clinic near you as soon as possible to have the veneer replaced.