Dental Implants in Edmonton, AB

Dental Implants: The Long-Term Tooth Replacement Option

Dental Implants in Edmonton

There’s really nothing quite like your natural teeth. But if you’re looking for the best option to replace missing teeth, a dental implant is the closest you’ll get to having a natural tooth back.

Advancements in dental implant therapy have lowered the cost of implants and made them one of the preferred treatment choices in regard to long-term tooth replacement. Approximately 95% of implants, when cared for properly, have the potential to last a very long time.

At Gallery Dental, we provide complete start to finish dental implant placement and restoration, utilizing 3D CT scanning equipment.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are prosthetic tooth roots made of titanium. This prosthetic root is carefully inserted into the bone beneath the gums in an area that a tooth used to be in. Once the titanium implant is anchored into the jaw and integrated into the bone, it can support a number of different restorations.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants are an excellent way to replace your teeth, because they have many different benefits, like:

  • Encouraging new bone growth
  • Preventing natural teeth from being altered during treatment
  • Supporting crowns, bridges, or dentures
  • Long life expectancy

Fixed Restoration Options

You can choose to replace as few as one, or as many as all of your teeth that are already missing or are in need of extraction. Single crowns are anchored directly over the implant, while larger prosthetics such as All-on-4 dentures are anchored onto as few as 4 implant roots. Implant bridges can replace 3 or 4 teeth at a time, compared to one or two teeth with a conventional bridge.

Dental implant therapy gives you the freedom to design and reconstruct your smile as you please. For example, some patients only need to replace a single tooth they lost to a large cavity. Others combine a dental bridge with a few implants to replace half of the arch they lost in an accident. If you’ve had a denture for years and would like something more permanent, then you may want to consider an implant.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants in Edmonton, AB T6R 2X2 are a cost-effective alternative to conventional implants. They are relatively quick and comfortable to have placed. A mini implant can replace a non-load-bearing tooth, or even assist in securing a denture. Usually only one appointment is necessary to place these mini implants.

Dr. Sekhon places dental implants for a variety of patients. There are many reasons people choose dental implants over other restorative procedures. Are implants right for you? Schedule an examination with us at Gallery Dental in Edmonton, AB T6R 2X2 to find out. All treatment is provided by a general dentist. For more complex cases, we often refer our patients to a specialist for treatment.

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