Sleep Apnea in Edmonton, AB

Oral Sleep Apnea Treatments in Edmonton

couple with beautiful smiles cuddling in bedDo you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, or difficult breathing as a result of a sleep disorder? Do you have a child with enlarged tonsils or who feels tired all day long from not getting enough sleep? We offer oral sleep apnea therapy that could help you deal with these issues.

We use a few different methods for treating sleep apnea in Edmonton, AB T6R 2X2, including oral sleep appliances, to get you breathing easier at night.

Oral Sleep Appliances

Some forms of sleep apnea are a result of jaw positioning. Wearing a custom fitted oral appliance can slide the jaw forward, thereby opening the airway and increasing oxygen intake during sleep.

Sleep Apnea Testing

We conduct airway analysis testing, allowing us to measure the position of your jaw, determine whether or not you have a collapsed airway, and measure the total size of your airway. These observations allow Dr. Sekhon to suggest the best options possible for reducing your cause of sleep apnea.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to work in conjunction with a pulmonologist if you already use a CPAP appliance. Dr. Sekhon works closely with your sleep apnea physician to recommend the methods that are most beneficial to your personal lifestyle, as well as to your oral health.

Improve Your Quality of Rest

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is essential to your overall health. A good night’s rest also helps you smile a lot more! Treating your sleep apnea is an important aspect of your oral health that you may not have considered before.

If you currently struggle with or suspect that you have sleep apnea, we invite you to call our office in Edmonton, AB T6R 2X2 today to schedule a new patient consultation. All treatment is provided by a general dentist. For more complex cases, we often refer our patients to a specialist for treatment. We also treat TMJ.

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