Tips for Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

Braces are an effective teeth-straightening solution. They will help you align your teeth, provide you with a perfect smile and a healthier oral cavity. Once you leave your dental clinic in Edmonton after completing your braces treatment, you can celebrate your results. However, the road there might feel a bit long, especially when it comes to caring for your teeth. Keeping them clean becomes more difficult, but we have some of the most useful tips for you right below!

1. Brush them without toothpaste

We know you want to use a toothpaste that contains minty ingredients to freshen your breath. But first, you should brush your teeth with only water on your toothbrush. The reason for this is that the foam created by the paste can block your view of your teeth when brushing. Instead, apply toothpaste to your brush after you have removed all visible plaque and food residue for that fresh feeling only toothpaste can provide.

2. Pick instead of brushing

Using a picking motion rather than a scrubbing motion will help you reach in between the wires of your braces instead of just brushing over them. This technique is very effective when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Furthermore, there are special brushes you can use that are in the shape of a cylinder. Ask your dentist in Edmonton about them as they can be of great help.

3. Choose your toothbrush wisely

You will want to avoid harming your gums. However, one of the places you will want to reach is the place between your gums and your braces. Therefore, using a soft toothbrush is recommended. This way, you will protect your gums from any type of harm. Hard bristles can even break your skin, which might lead to an oral infection.

4. Choose a toothpaste taste that you like

We know toothpaste is not food, but if you like the taste of it, then you’re more likely to spend the appropriate amount of time brushing your teeth. It might sound inconsequential, but this tiny detail greatly influences the result. Furthermore, since fluoride is present in most kinds of toothpaste, there’s no reason why you can’t buy the flavour you prefer. You will be getting the protection you need anyway.

5. Don’t rinse

This advice is especially useful at night. When you get a dental cleaning, your dentist in Edmonton will often apply some fluoride at the end of the treatment. You can mimic this treatment at home by not spiting after you brush your teeth at night. Or simply spit a little bit of it but don’t rinse. This way, you will keep some of the toothpaste and the fluoride in your mouth. This technique will provide you with greater protection as you sleep.

6. Time is of the essence

Do you remember when we mentioned toothpaste taste before? The whole idea was to keep you brushing your teeth longer. The recommended time you should spend brushing your teeth is two minutes. This way you’ll make sure you’re covering everything from the upper side to the lower side of your mouth, including your cheeks and tongue. You can even time how long you spend brushing. It probably is less than two minutes, so be sure you are not rushing.

7. Get some extra help

You might want to consider getting an electric toothbrush. This may feel more comfortable to brush after you leave the dental clinic in Edmonton with your braces on. If it makes things easier, and you take into account how long you are brushing for, then go ahead and go electric! Whatever helps you keep your teeth germ-free.