Everyone notices a lovely smile when they see one. There are a lot of people who are blessed with beautiful, white teeth. However, there are those who have lost the shine in their smiles, which can result from several factors. Some of these factors include genetics, lifestyle, diet, and personal choices. As a responsible individual, you should know how to protect your teeth.

The importance of taking care of your teeth goes beyond the aesthetic side of things. Taking care of your teeth will spare you from problematic situations in the future. You will be avoiding unnecessary expenses and will be able to continue your day to day life without the inconvenience or disruptions that can come with oral health issues. Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways our Edmonton dental clinic recommends to protect your teeth.

Always make it a habit to brush your teeth twice in a day for two minutes.

According to the American Dental Association(ADA), the habit of cleaning your teeth and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush along with flouride toothpaste for two minutes effectively removes bacteria and debris from your mouth. It effectively gets rid of the two main factors that cause cavities to form. Your Edmonton dentist can provide you with a fluoride treatment in the form of foam or a rinse for additional protection.

– Always cleanse and brush your teeth in the morning.

Apart from making sure your teeth look presentable, it is good to know that including this in your routine can keep your breath smelling fresh and pleasant all day. When your mouth is wet and warm, it becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria. This causes the development of plaque which hardens and forms into tartar. This is responsible for causing gum disease.

Always brush based on the recommended frequency in a day.

A lot of people think that the more times you brush in a day, the cleaner your teeth will be. What they do not know is that over brushing your teeth can do more damage than good. Brushing more than twice in the time span of a day can damage your tooth’s enamel. The enamel is responsible for protecting your teeth. Losing this will expose nerves and can lead to different kinds of pain and discomfort over time.

– Be sure to brush your teeth gently.

The ideal way of brushing your teeth is like how you would polish an egg shell. Those with toothbrushes that are too compressed may indicate extensive pressure during brushing. While enamel is designed to protect your teeth, brushing too hard and too much can actually wear it off in the long run.

Always make it a habit to floss every day.

While brushing is essential for cleaning, it does not entirely remove debris that have stuck in between teeth. To make sure you get rid of these and prevent plaques from developing, include flossing on a daily basis. In this way, you get to clean and protect your teeth for a long time.

Always remember that timing does not affect the results.

As long as you brush and floss, the results will be the same. People differ in time and routine. Some prefer brushing before flossing while some tend to do it in the reverse order. According to our Edmonton dentist, as long as these are done every day, your dental health is in good hands.

Always mind your diet.

We should know that our diet plays an important part in keeping our teeth in good condition. A lot of food and drinks can stain our teeth and life style habits that can cause damage such as smoking. Taking in acidic drinks such as soda also leads to erosion of the tooth’s interior.

These are simple, in fact, part of the routine of an ordinary person’s day.Knowing when and how to do it right can bring forth benefits rather than harm.It’s time to stick to these habits. If you have more questions about maintaining good oral health and hygiene, contact our Edmonton dental clinic today.