Sedation Dentistry Relaxing Facts you Need to Know

In case the idea of visiting our dentist in Edmonton sparks fear in you, there are different ways we can make everything more comfortable. It does not have to be nerve-wracking. We want to make the experience as pleasant as possible. One possible method that we can use would be sedation dentistry. Sedatives are commonly used for patients who deal with patient anxiety to help them relax during treatment(s).

Amazing Facts about Sedation Dentistry in Edmonton

Half of the people in Canada have a severe case of dental anxiety. If you ignore this condition, it can cause you to neglect your oral health and cancel dental appointments. Whether you are afraid of a simple teeth cleaning or if you are going through a surgical procedure, sedation dentistry will make things more enjoyable.

Sedation Dentistry Is a Medication Intended to Help Patients Relax

During sedation dentistry, the dentist will be administering medication that will ease their anxiety. Sedation involves various levels that you should discuss in advance with your dentist in Edmonton.

  • Minimal-During minimal sedation, you will remain awake but will be completely relaxed. This can be administered through a mask that will be placed on your nose. This will allow the dentist to have total control of how much sedation the patient will receive. The potency of the sedatives will wear off at the end of the treatment. You will be perfectly capable of driving back home. In some cases, sedatives can also be in the form of a pill.
  • Moderate-This is also referred to as conscious sedation. During this process, patients will not always remember the entire procedure. The dentist will wake you up by gently shaking your body. The medication will be administered through your veins. This also allows the dentist to control the level of the sedatives.
  • General Anesthesia- Patients will be unconscious. You will have to wait until the medication wears off.

Sedation Dentistry is Completely Safe

Sedation dentistry in Edmonton is not only effective; it is also safe. Our licensed and trained dentist will be administering the sedatives and will continuously monitor the level of sedatives as well as the patient’s status. Our dentist will be reviewing the medical history of patients and determining if sedation dentistry is a possible option. This is also safe for kids who are anxious to remain seated during an entire dental procedure.

It is Not Only for Dental Anxiety

Based on reports, at least 10% of the world’s population has dental phobia. Also, there are estimates that 40%-75% have anxiety and fear of dentistry. This fear has been the reason for the cancellation of dental treatments and avoidance of appointments. The idea behind this phobia is currently unknown. For people that have this condition, the dentist in Edmonton will advise seeking sedation dentistry. However, the following patients can also benefit from this kind of treatment:

  • Kids who refuse to cooperate and are afraid of a procedure.

  • Those who have trouble remaining still during the treatment.

  • People who have a lower pain tolerance.

  • Those who have an extremely active gag reflex.

  • Patients who need to go through an extensive and invasive dental treatment.

Sedatives Are Not Anesthetics

Most of you believe that anesthetics and sedatives are similar. However, that is not entirely true. These are two different drugs. Sedatives are meant to help the patient enter a relaxing state. On the other hand, anesthetics are intended to subjugate your senses. On the off chance that the dentist chooses to administer anesthesia, expect that you will remain unconscious during the entire procedure. If the sedatives have been used, you will remain awake, but you will be very relaxed.

To ensure that our patients will remain comfortable during a dental checkup, we are dedicated to providing them with a pleasant and soothing environment. The amenities that we offer apart from the expertise of our dentist in Edmonton are the reasons behind our satisfied patients. They are also confident in recommending our service to their friends and family members. Your dental visit should not be filled with anxiety and fear. Our sedation dentistry combined with our friendly staff members, and welcoming environment will ensure your whole process will be pain-free and worry-free.