Why Dental Implants Are Becoming So Popular

Has your dentist in West Edmonton, suggested you receive dental implants? Millions of people have dental implants, and this number continues to rise. The question here is; why are so many people choosing dental implants? Well, the answer is quite simple. Dental implants are the best solution if you are missing teeth and have a high success rate of 98 percent. In the past, dental implants were costly, but today, the affordability of dental implants is encouraging more patients to seek this method of treatment. The advantages of dental implants are plentiful. Continue reading to learn how dental implants can benefit your quality of life and why people are choosing them instead of dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants: Cosmetic and Health Advantages

Improved Functionality

A key advantage of dental implants for most people is improved functionality. When you wear dentures, eating and biting can grow to be problematic and painful. Your dentures can loosen or fall out of your mouth at inopportune times. In addition, your dentures can break, which leaves you toothless for days or maybe even weeks as you wait for repairs. Alternatively, dental implants are attached to your jawbone permanently. This fixed dental restoration serves to function like your natural teeth. You will not ever have to risk your dental implants falling out or breaking. Your biting, chewing, eating, and speaking will be restored, and carrying out everyday tasks will feel just as good as they once did. This means you can enjoy your favourite foods or meals without having to worry that your restoration is going to slide in your mouth or come apart.

Enhanced Confidence

As you enjoy your improved ability to eat effortlessly, you will find yourself gaining more confidence. Since your implants appear more natural than your dentures, you will not have to worry about other people noticing, other than your dentist in West Edmonton, of course. Plus, you will not have to remove your implants for cleaning, unlike dentures. Your daily oral regimen will remain the same and mimic the routine you used for your natural teeth.

Jawbone Preservation

Dental implants are much healthier for your jawbone and mouth. Over time, denture use can gradually result in bone loss. Also, if you fail to replace missing teeth altogether, you will lose bone. This issue will make it impossible to receive implants in the future as you will no longer have adequate bone to qualify for implants. By choosing dental implants, you are choosing to preserve your bone and the natural function of your jaw.

Dental Structure Preservation

If you choose to replace your individual missing tooth or teeth with an implant tooth, your dentist in Edmonton can do so without adding stress to the adjacent teeth. You will not require your other teeth to support the implant tooth as you would with a bridge. The preparation of your other teeth will not be necessary. This means each of your teeth will remain strong and intact.

Enhanced Comfort

Lastly, the reason why many people choose dental implants is that they eliminate potential embarrassment. If you have dentures, they can fall out at any time or come loose. This can cause slurred speech. Achieving proper fitting dentures is difficult, and you will likely suffer from loose teeth until then. With dental implants, none of these problems will arise as they become a permanent part of your jawbone.

The Financial Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants were believed to be unaffordable, but that is no longer the case. If you think that there are no financial advantages to implants when you can get dentures for less, you should consider the investment of each option. Now, dentures may cost less initially, but they often come with ongoing expenses that are less likely to occur with implants. For example, with dentures, you will have to pay for repairs each time your denture plate breaks or a denture tooth falls out. Maintaining implants is significantly more comfortable, they are perfectly fitted when implanted, and it is unlikely that they will continue costing you money in the future. In many cases, patients find that the health and cosmetic benefits of dental implants more than just make up for the expenses.

Dental Implants:The Process

Curious about what it is like to receive dental implants? We have broken down the steps for you below.

1.    Visit your dentist in West Edmonton for a consultation.

2.    Receive scans and X-rays of your mouth.

3.    Receive a minor operation which involves the insertion of the dental implant in your jawbone. (Anesthetic will be administered).

4.    Wait for a few months until your dental implant fuses with your jawbone.

5.    Return for the final crown.