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Why is Oral Health Important?

The majority of dentists in West Edmonton would agree that the most significant dental care outside of their office is performed during a patient’s oral hygiene routine. Although your dentist is extremely skilled when it comes to dental care, ultimately you have the most control over your oral health. If you are able to maintain a good oral hygiene routine every day, it is likely that your dental check-ups will be a lot smoother and problem-free. Unfortunately, many of us dismiss the importance of dental hygiene despite all the knowledge we’ve been given. Let’s discuss flossing first, how many of us floss daily? You’d be surprised to find out that there is a substantial amount of people who don’t floss on a daily basis. But there are other bad habits that we give into beyond flossing. For example, how many of us drink pop regularly despite knowing how bad it is for our oral health and overall health?

When it comes to your oral health, you’ll need to understand the magnitude of having good oral health. Without proper care, you can develop tooth decay. Tooth decay is generally what triggers a toothache, and if you’ve ever experienced a toothache you would know just how uncomfortable it can be. Not to mention, you’ll be required to visit an emergency dental clinic in Edmonton. This is not the worst of it, poor oral health can result in halitosis (bath breathe), gum disease and tooth loss. In addition, poor oral hygiene has been linked to cardiovascular problems. Just think brushing and flossing your teeth could help you avoid heart disease, what better reason would you need? Now, don’t forget what oral hygiene can do to your wallet. If you aren’t taking care of your teeth, your pockets will pay for it. You may think that skipping a regular dental check-up can save you money, but the opposite is actually true. During dental check-ups, your dentist in West Edmonton can help you detect oral issues early on for prompt treatment. The longer problems linger, the more they will worsen and in the end, you can expect to be paying one hefty dental bill, which could have easily been prevented.

Oral Hygiene Basics

Now I’m sure after reading those reasons above, you’ve started to see the seriousness of dental hygiene. It’s now time to look at the dental hygiene basics. Firstly, the most basic thing you can do to ensure good oral hygiene is to brush twice daily. Most commonly, people brush their teeth once in the morning and once before bed. When it comes to your toothbrush, you should be using a toothbrush with soft-bristles. You should begin using a new toothbrush every three months or as soon as the bristles become frayed. Replacing your toothbrush will ensure that your teeth are being cleaned effectively. In terms of toothpaste, you should use a toothpaste that contains extra fluoride. Fluoride strengthens theteeth and protects them against tooth decay.

You also need to ensure that you are flossing your teeth once daily, ideally, the teeth should be flossed twice per day. This will remove food particles lodged between your teeth. When debris is left to linger, bacteria in your mouth feed off it and cause tooth decay. Now, if you really value good oral health, then it’s likely you value good overall health. When we speak about our food choices, we often forget that the food we eat affects our body and our teeth. You’ll definitely want to reconsider what you put into your mouth, especially when it comes to products that are high in sugar. For example, desserts, sugary drinks, and candy lead to tooth decay, and drinking sugar-sweetened beverages are a large contributor. When you consume sugary snacks and drinks, the bacteria in your mouth produces acids which damage your teeth. See, there was a good reason behind all those lecturers our parents gave us about how candy is bad for our teeth after all. Instead, opt for fruit like apples, not only are they crunchy and delicious they help to clean your mouth by stimulating saliva production. You can also chew sugar-free gum if you want to keep the environment in your mouth clean and healthy. Now, last but not least, be sure to visit your dental clinic in Edmonton, every six months. A dental cleaning and exam willensure optimal oral health. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure.