Mouth Guard in Edmonton

Mouth guards are a useful device to protect your teeth and prevent injuries. Not all mouthguards are alike or are used for the same purpose. 

Types of Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guards: This is an over-the-counter mouth guard and it is fairly inexpensive. They are used to cover your top teeth. These mouth guards come in different sizes but do not provide a very secure fit.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards: This is also an over-the-counter mouth guard and is relatively inexpensive. They are made out of a plastic material, that softens when placed in water. This mouth guard molds to your teeth for a more secure fit.

Custom-made mouth guards: Visit your dental clinic in Edmonton for a custom-made mouth guard. Your dentist will take molds of your teeth to create a mouth-guard that fits precisely. This is more comfortable than the above options and it is harder to dislodge when you sleep.

What Type of Mouth Guard Should You Use?

Mouth Guards for Sports:

Sports put you at high risk for injuries and teeth trauma. They require you to wear a mouth guard for protection. Some examples include:
•    Wrestling
•    Softball
•    Volleyball
•    Cycling
•    In-line skating
•    Skateboarding
•    Gymnastics
•    Soccer
•    Basketball
•    Football
•    Ice hockey
If you participate in a high-impact sport or any of the sports listed above, a boil-and-bite mouth guard is a good option for you.

Mouth Guards for Bruxism:

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common condition that can cause mouth pain and teeth damage. If you suffer from bruxism it is important to wear a mouth. This will separate your top and bottom teeth from the pressure of grinding.
The best option for you would be a custom-fitted mouth guard made by your Edmonton dentist.

Mouth Guards for Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea is a disorder that temporarily stops you from breathing during your sleep.
The best option for you is a custom-made mouth guard which keeps your airways open while you sleep.

Mouth Guards for Snoring:

Snoring is caused by soft tissue vibration in your upper airway.
If you snore, notify your Edmonton dentist. They can design a custom-made mouth guard or can offer you other suggestions.

The Four Best Cleaning Tips for Your Mouth Guard

It is time to learn the importance of caring for your mouth guard. Without the proper care, your mouth guard can become, dirty or damaged and is costly to replace. Here are four cleaning tips to keep your mouthguard harm and damage free.

•    Use an antibacterial soap: Rinsing your mouth guard is not enough. Use an antibacterial soap to clean your mouth guard and remove germs. Remember to properly rinse your mouth guard before placing it in your mouth to avoid a soapy taste.

•    Clean your mouthguard once per week:  Using a toothbrush, toothpaste and water are effective to eliminate any germs on your mouth guard. However, when you scrub too hard it can damage your mouth guard. Use denture cleaner instead, it is gentler and effective.

•    Clean your case: You may be cleaning your mouth guard properly but what about its case? Bacteria in your case create an unhealthy environment to store your mouth guard in. Simply use an old toothbrush, antibacterial soap and some water to scrub it clean.

•    Replace your mouth guard when it’s necessary: If your mouthguard begins to show signs of damage it is important to inform your Edmonton dentist. When there are large cracks in a mouth guard it should be replaced. The cracks can trap bacteria easily and spread infection.

Maintain the Condition of Your Mouth Guard

The above tips are some great ways to keep your mouthguard clean. Follow these five tips to protect your mouth guard and maintain the condition.
•    Store your mouth guard in its protective case whenever you are not wearing it.
•    Keep your mouth guard out of the sun or hot water.
•    Avoid chewing on your mouth guard.
•    Replace your mouth guard when it no longer fits properly. Or at the beginning of a new sports season.

How You Can Improve your Teeth

Visit an Edmonton orthodontist’s clinic for your custom-made mouth guard